Digital landmark displays are much larger than typical signs and are often found in downtown urban centers and popular destinations. Commonly surrounded by pedestrian traffic encouraging longer dwell times, these unique displays are equipped to run full motion as well as real-time engaging content. This expanded opportunity allows advertisers to spread their proverbial “creative wings” and execute campaigns that explode beyond the immediate OOH audience and enter into the viral world of social media.

These large format static displays are typically applied directly to landmark buildings in high-trafficked downtown cores. Most are large and unique-shaped, rising above the clutter of ground-level traffic and smaller OOH offerings. Commanding attention with long approach views to vehicles and pedestrians, Foxpoint wallscapes offer advertisers an opportunity to create one-of-a-kind, memorable campaigns. As technology advances and digital displays become more prominent, large format, traditional static OOH media can give a single advertiser a domination-effect and deliver maximum exposure reaching your audience.

Providing the same features and benefits of the traditional static bulletin, digital bulletins allow advertisers a wide-variety of new opportunities to capture audiences. Digital displays are easy to create content for and require zero cost for installation. This plug and play format provides advertisers the chance to adapt their messaging to meet market conditions. For example, if a fast food chain wanted to reach a certain audience for breakfast, another for lunch and yet another for dinner, this brand could run different messages to stay relevant throughout the day.

Traditional “bulletin billboards” are the most commonly used format in OOH advertising. Typically seen along main thoroughfares such as freeways and highways, these displays are highly impactful due to large amounts of consistent traffic that pass by them on a daily basis. Often built on a pole structure, this allows faces to be built reading to multiple directions of traffic, increasing exposures. Static bulletins have a rich history of being a canvas for unique creative executions that allow for extensions, embellishments and other effects creating can’t-miss campaigns that are anything but static.

Equipped with either digital or static displays, trucksides are ideal to bolster an existing OOH campaign and reach consumers where billboards are not available or not allowed. Trucksides can geo-target a specific audience at a specific time with a specific message, allowing brands greater flexibility with creative executions.